Monday, September 21, 2009

Offworld solar system survey is completed

The multi probe survey of the solar system hosting the Offworld colony is complete.
The system 'QHD793 (QHD793)' comprises the star 'QHD793' and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to it: 9 planets and their 451 moons, as well as asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids, comets, and interplanetary dust. The principal component of this star system is the star 'QHD793', a red dwarf class star that contains about 99.49% of the system's known mass and dominates it gravitationally. QHD793 is located more than 1940 lightyears from the center of the galaxy.Offworld, the first planet in this system, may feature life forms - it's average temperature is 339K (66C) and it's atmosphere contains 40% of oxygen. One year on Offworld lasts 223 days, one day lasts 15 hours. It's diameter is 11988 km, 0.9 times the diameter of the Earth.
Edits to the world may be entered in the Galaxiki database.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Transparent Material Designed by Off World Labs

Off World Labs has designed a new extremely strong transparent material that will help in design of a new Astro Lab. This lab will use the light from all sources to power the engines and provide supplies to the crew. SparrowKnight designed this vehicle and provided it for Off World.

Contact with Pata?

The new Subspace array went on-line today establishing broad band cotact with the pata colony. Numerous greetings were sent from the America Colony but there are no replies as of this date.
The matter was refered to Offworld Prime to the Office of Naval Intelligence. Staffing is way down all through the Offworld Colonies. Some people still working at the America Colony Space Port are worndering if the Earth has recalled the human population and they did not get the word. All the prisons are empty now to allow the prisoners to pick up the slack.
The Array is now sending one message "Come back...come back...come back..."

Hotel Complex in America Colony

Robot work on the new Ameriac Colony Hilton is well underway. Recent setback in budget had halted development for the last year. However, following a small upturn in the OffWorld economy funding became sufficient to activate a small work force.

The America Colony Hilton when completed will provide the tired spaceman a good nights sleep and a bit of the old world in the enclosed forrest. Additionally the facility has a sports arena to add that bit of excitement. Unfortunately there is no funding to support a bottom of the ranking in any sport you might chose.

Friday, June 22, 2007

A new world found

The OffWorld Navy scout ship USS LODESTONE, Fleet Number 19, has discovered a new world. The inhabitants call it AW Gate. The people who inhabit this world have the most amazing ability to self teleport with no apparent mechanisms. The newest people, who appear from nowhere, are ignorant of the awesome powers they acquire upon arrival. These are all uniformly ugly in appearance. All the inhabitants can fly and hover at will and often do so. Other, more powerful inhabitants call themselves citizens and are capable or creating objects of various colors and textures from absolutely nothing. They can change their shape at will. Additionally, citizens have some sort of way to contact other citizens across the continuum in any part of the universe or world they currently occupy. Citizens are empowered by the magic number seventy. Intelligence analysts do not know the significance of the number other that it has a negative connotation with the number twenty based on an incident in the distant past.

The crew of the LOADSTONE left the scout ship and automated systems have only sporadic contact with crew tracking signals. The crew is apparently exploring the universe and parallel worlds that can be accessed from this gate world. When they return to the gate world the signal on their info-packs get downloaded by the LOADSTONE which relays the signal to the Office of Naval Intelligence on Offworld Prime. The images indicate incredible worlds.

Attempts by the Offworld Navy to land and assume control of this incredible asset are restricted by an entity calling it self the “Building Inspector” which informs ships in orbit to “build somewhere else as the area is filled”. The meaning of this cryptic message is unknown and a dialog with the entity is not possible because it always repeats the same message. Perhaps it is an automated guardian. No further action on the part of ships in orbit is possible at this time. Therefore Naval Headquarters has decided retire with honor. No attempt to recover the LODESTONE will occur unless a member of the crew returns. A prospect not considered likely.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tramp Cargo Carriers

No matter how well the OffWorld Corporations plan ahead the riffraff is never far behind. Shortly after opening the new colony on America World the tramp cargo carriers began to show at the new Navy Yard docks. The tramp cargo ships are uniformly unsafe for interplanetary travel much less interstellar hyperdrive. However, given the shortage of adequate transport the Navy is forced to utilize their services. The captains of these vessels lack any semblance of order but have completely mastered circumvention of all Navy regulations and articles. Every effort is being made to rapidly unload cargo for the benefit of the colony and to move these ships along as quickly as possible to reduce the impact of lawless crews on the orderly society of the colony.

New movers were added to the reception platform at the Navy terminal as well as a tube lift to the level surface. Long-range radar is now completely operational. Temporary quarters should appear on the surface in the near future as modules are delivered from OffWorld Prime.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Copernicus Hills Mall in OW Prime

Percolated Properties UUC of Off World announces the ‘soon’ to be opening of Copernicus Hills Mall, located on the corner of Copernicus Parkway and Ganymede Drive at the landing of Unlikely Skyway in Off World Prime.

Phase One of the Copernicus Hills Mall includes famous name vendors like BudgetBuster Video, Bed, Bath & Beyonce, Old Gravy and with Tom & Jerry’s Ice Cream on the Food Court.

Phase Two, if it ever happens, will expand the shopping selection through the completion of the third tier, currently being there for walking, looking but otherwise mostly useless.

Tenets have yet to move in and open but their signs are up so we will venture a guess that they will soon be stocking their spaces with merchandise.

More on this story when and if it should develop…

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A New Colony on America World!

It came as a great surprise when the corporation heads of the OffWorld Consortium were contacted by a world called America. This is a world and should not be confused with the American continent on old Earth. The contact was an invitation to place elements of the OffWorld corporations in a new colony with a byproduct of providing economic revitalization to the host world. The USS Virgil Samms, one of the light scout cruisers recently acquired by the OffWorld Navy, made landfall last week. Robot construction is underway and so far completed and elevated naval control tower/ passenger center in addition to colony central construction which will become the new colony hub. Efforts are underway to maintain a low profile so that the existing population does not become alarmed with the arrival of military and civil hardware. Applications to immigrate from either the Pata Colony or Offworld Prime may be submitted to the Offworld Navy office of personnel affairs. Applicants must be able to pass a background investigation and hold the security clearance.

Universal teleport coordinates: america 356.47S 101.32W 6a

Friday, February 16, 2007

Volcano Erupts in Pata

A volcano erupted near the energy center created by Lensman. This power should tranfer to his vortex controlled build. Dreamer2 and her team will be researching into the cause of the eruption to make sure it was natural. Air teams have been warned to avoid this area.